Directional Boring (or Directional Drilling) is popular in the southwest U.S., and is especially useful when a new utility needs to be installed under an existing roadway.  Instead of tearing up the roadway, UCC can utilize the less invasive Directional Boring method to drill under the roadway and install the new utility with minimal impact to traffic.   UCC has the capability to drill and pull-back pipe(s) with a total diameter of up to 20”, and a length of up to 500’.  We have drilled and installed pipe under Runways, Highways, Roads, Canals, Railroads and other utilities.  UCC provides all support equipment including utility vacuum pot-holing, locating and traffic control equipment.  UCC strictly performs all work in accordance with local utility locate (“Bluestake”) laws, including prior notification to utility  owners  and will visually locating and identify all utilities in conflict with the proposed bore before commencing with drilling.  UCC holds multiple Directional Boring contracts, including a master Directional Boring Job Order Contract with the City of Phoenix.

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