General Contracting

GENERAL CONTRACTING UCC is an accomplished General Contractor in Highway, Infrastructure, Commercial, Residential / Housing, Heavy and Utility projects. We target general contracting projects in the southwest U.S. that provide opportunities for UCC to self-perform a significant portion of the project.  In other words, we are not a shell company that simply uses subcontractors [...]

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Wet Utilities

WET UTILITIES UCC is interested in new-build, upgrade and repair projects in Water, Storm Sewer, Sanitary Sewer, Irrigation and Reclaimed Water.  We understand the importance of survey and layout for new projects, to avoid conflicts related to gravity flow and subsequent dry utility installation.  UCC is experienced in Plastic, Ductile Iron and Concrete Pipe. [...]

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Medium Voltage Electrical

MEDIUM VOLTAGE ELECTRICAL UCC is properly licensed and trained in construction, maintenance and upgrade of electrical distribution systems up to 15kV.  This includes Transformers, Sectionalizer Cabinets, Fuse Cabinets, SES’s, Main Distribution Cabinets, fuses, overhead equipment, underground equipment, primary circuits and secondary circuits. UCC has a strong resume in the upgrade and replacement of privately [...]

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Outdoor Lighting & Streetlighting

OUTDOOR LIGHTING & STREETLIGHTING Outdoor lighting and Streetlighting is one of our specialties – both construction and maintenance.  We have installed tens of thousands of streetlights and parking lot lights in our history, from basic pole standards to decorative poles with custom features.  We also have experience in high mast light poles and sports [...]

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ITS / Fiber Optics / Communications

ITS / FIBER OPTICS / COMMUNICATIONS As technology continues to evolve, UCC remains at the forefront of the means and methods for  constructing Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), Fiber Optics and Communications construction, including products and specifications. We have installed communication cable up to 600-pair and fiber optic cable up to 288-strand.  UCC has constructed [...]

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Traffic Signals

TRAFFIC SIGNALS UCC has successfully worked on hundreds of traffic signals projects in the southwest U.S.  From a temporary span-wire traffic signal, to a complex highway interchange, we can provide turn-key construction services to build or upgrade traffic signals for safe and efficient flows of vehicular and pedestrian traffic.  Our traffic signal technicians are [...]

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Metal Works

METAL WORKS UCC provides service within the specialized field of Metal Works.  Typically, these projects are design-build, and UCC provides makes an extra effort in pre-construction to develop a product and design that meets or exceeds our client’s expectations.  Example projects include mare barns, custom shade structures, outdoor mezzanine decks, observation decks and custom [...]

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Site Work / Grading

SITE WORK / GRADING UCC is experienced in site work and grading projects including mass excavation / grading for new developments, road maintenance, soil stabilization, road construction and import/export operations.  UCC owns many pieces of heavy equipment used for site work / grading including dump trucks, water trucks, motor grader, scraper, water tower, skid [...]

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Commercial Electrical

COMMERCIAL ELECTRICAL Commercial electrical work is an important part of UCC – most projects we pursue have some type of electrical work.  This work includes landscape lighting, controls, relays, contactors, generators, grounding, panels, solar equipment and general electrical infrastructure.  One project completed by UCC included over 30 miles of new 600V copper conductor ranging [...]

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Directional Boring

DIRECTIONAL BORING Directional Boring (or Directional Drilling) is popular in the southwest U.S., and is especially useful when a new utility needs to be installed under an existing roadway.  Instead of tearing up the roadway, UCC can utilize the less invasive Directional Boring method to drill under the roadway and install the new utility [...]

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